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I'm in a very big trouble these days – my beloved cat, Emma, has been diagnosed with cancer. Since the beginning of the year, we've been actively addressing her health issues. Unfortunately, the tumor removal surgery proved insufficient, and now we need to undergo a course of chemotherapy. In this post, I've attached the main invoices for the completed surgery and the upcoming chemotherapy. However, there are still dozens of bills ranging from 100-200€ for blood tests, consultations with oncologists, etc.
The total amount will probably exceed 5,000 euros - a colossal sum for me.

All of this is very daunting and consumes a lot of energy, both physically and emotionally. Nevertheless, I am determined to continue her treatment, and right now, I am in dire need of financial assistance!
I would be immensely grateful for any financial support at this time.
Thank you a lot in advance! ♥️